Introducing the GameAnalytics Unity Cheatsheet


Spring is already upon us, so we thought of bringing a breeze of fresh air into the GameAnalytics SDK for Unity. We have listened closely to the feedback of our Unity users on the GameAnalytics package. Read below to see what this update brings.

Celebrating the SDK’s upgrade to version 0.4.0, we have also released an awesome Unity cheatsheet to make your development days brighter. It features:

The Unity cheatsheet is available in two versions below.

The high-resolution version is intended for printing. Print it and keep it on your desk for quick reminders.

You can store the PDF version on your computer directly, to quickly copy-paste and adapt GameAnalytics code snippets into your own game code. 

About the author

Anamaria Todor

Ana Todor is a Computer Scientist with a playful and literary twist. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies. She is currently studying towards obtaining a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, Digital Interactive Entertainment at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


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