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Analysing Auctions: The Case of Glitch

Shawna Baskins, Joseph Riley and Anders Drachen analyse Glitch’s in-game economic system, concentrating on the auction house and NPC vendors.

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Three Things Mobile Game Developers Can Learn From Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is not only a game of addiction, but one which also constantly has a lot of life lessons to teach game developers everywhere. Kelly Clay, Digital Communications Strategist at HasOffers, points out some of the teachings you shouldn’t miss in Candy Crush.

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Why Plants vs. Zombies 2 Can’t Make It To the Top

Plants versus Zombies 2 has been one of the most expected mobile titles of the year. However, its developers missed the monetization potential of the first title’s popularity. Michail Katkoff is here to explain why.

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How Puzzle & Dragons Does it

In this post Michail analyses the mixed success of Puzzle & Dragons, Japan’s top grossing free-to-play mobile game, on the Oriental and American market.

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Playstyle and Progression

In this post Anders Drachen introduces some of the main challenges of finding patterns in how games are played and in how play styles change across levels. He also showcases some new research results which were obtained through a thorough analysis of Tomb Raider: Underworld.

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Fun Facts about World of Warcraft Character Names

Anders Drachen reports from one of those rare events where a piece of analytics work was done purely to satisfy the curiosity of those involved, but ended up revealing surprising patterns about how we as players name our characters.

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How Criminal Case drives growth

Criminal Case is one of the best Facebook games in terms of growth. In this case study Michail Katkoff explains how a hidden object game can drive growth through rounded game mechanics.

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An Indie Perspective: Launching a F2P game

Tim Wicksteed, an indie developer from Bristol, shares how GameAnalytics helped him assess the effectiveness of the F2P implementation for his first commercial title, Ionage.

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Why Pet Rescue Saga isn’t the next Candy Crush Saga

Pet Rescue Saga is without a doubt a hit game. However, it will never reach the performance of its predecessor, Candy Crush Saga. Find out what Pet Rescue Saga got wrong in this latest article from Michail Katkoff.

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