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Three Things Mobile Game Developers Can Learn From Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is not only a game of addiction, but one which also constantly has a lot of life lessons to teach game developers everywhere. Kelly Clay, Digital Communications Strategist at HasOffers, points out some of the teachings you shouldn’t miss in Candy Crush.

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42 ways to monetize your mobile game

It seems that forty-two is not only the answer to “life, universe and everything”. It is also the answer to your monetization strategy. Read these 42 tips that Yaniv Nizan has to share on making your game profitable.

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Game Economies – five mistakes to avoid

So you want your game to feature an in-game store? Avoid these five common blunders shared by Yaniv Nizan to make sure you do not scare your potential customers away.

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Game Economy Balancing – 3 Ways to Prevent Pay-To-Win

Meet our new guest poster, Yaniv Nizan, CEO and co-founder of SOOMLA and also an expert in dynamic in-app purchases. In his first post, he will share some tips on how to handle one of the biggest challenges of free to play games: avoiding the aggressive pay-to-win mechanics.

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Five Tips for Killer First-Time Flow

In this post Michail Katkoff gives us some tips on achieving flow in video games. While the concept of flow has its roots in psychology, it has been in the last few years associated with the world of video games as well. Flow is defined as that state in which a person is fully immersed into a video game, which guarantees maximum enjoyment.

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Ten reasons why players quit

Joakim Achrén, CEO at My Next Games company game and former Director of analytics at Supercell, has more tips to share in this second guest post. Joakim rates the top ten reasons for which players tend to quit social games and also offers solutions to avoid each specific scenario.

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Seven tips to prevent your game from failing

This new guest post features Joakim Achrén, CEO at My Next Games company and former Director of analytics at Supercell. Joakim will share some of his hard-earned tips for ensuring a healthy and promising development process for your game.

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Five new must reads on game analytics

Where a couple of years ago you would have to cast a wide net to find writing about game analytics, these months there is a steady stream of new blog posts, articles, features etc. on various aspects of working with game telemetry data. Here we present a handful of articles hand-picked by the GA team as particularly interesting – enjoy!

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Ten Great Game Telemetry Reads

Given the huge degree of interest in game telemetry and the analysis of player behavior, not the least in the social online games/F2P area, it is no surprise that there is a steadily increasing stream of posts, articles and reports being released on various topics within analytics. We wanted to bring you some of the most interesting.

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Six Game Data Mining Myths

Analysing and mining game data is catching on rapidly across the gamut of developers and publishers, not only in games but also other forms of interactive digital entertainment. Because game data mining is still something that is being defined, there are a lot of myths circulating about what telemetry data from games is, how it is used and what data mining of these data can do for developers and publishers. Read on for a bit of game telemetry mythbustin´.

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