• Updated benchmarks

    Mobile Games KPI Benchmarks for July 2015

    As you may know, at the end of May we released Benchmarks, feature that helps you bring more context to your analysis by allowing you to compare your KPIs to those of 5,800 (and counting) other games tracked by GameAnalytics. As trends in the industry are constantly moving, we will be updating these numbers monthly. […]

  • Custom segments

    First look at Custom Segments

    We are truly excited to share this first beta release of Custom Segments! With Custom Segments, you’ll be able to break down your users with ease by defining per user attributes. Now you can define segments by values such as spend, demography, time played and profile the type of players active in your game. We’ve […]

  • kingdom_clicker_blog

    Building an Empire: The story of Runway’s journey with Kingdom Clicker

    It stands to reason that, long before we decided to reveal Runway to the world, we’d already begun the process of picking out partners to work with and – in the case of Kingdom Clicker from Black Bears Games – set in motion our plan of action for giving an indie game the boost it […]

  • Runway

    Runway – Prepare for take off with a new type of publisher

    There are many games in which the mantra “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again” appears to have been designed into their very core. So many titles require repeated playthroughs before you can get to grips with them, the various hurdles and challenges unclear until you’ve tracked through their stages and […]

  • 700x300

    The updated GameAnalytics Android SDKs are here!

    Just like their iOS counterparts a few weeks back, our Android SDKs (native and Unity) have gotten themselves an upgrade! There are a lot of new features we are introducing with the V2 of our SDKS. Let our Senior Product Designer, Kristoffer, take you through all the goodies GameAnalytics has to offer. Update your SDK […]

  • clashofclans

    Cracking the IAP Code: The F2P secret devs don’t want to talk about

    Welcome to the magical world of mobile, where the clever boys and girls at the world’s most creative, ingenious studios have fathomed a way to make millions of dollars from games they don’t even charge a penny for consumers to download. The industry has been revolutionised, all of its problems have been solved, and Apple’s […]

  • win_oculus-rift

    Integrate the GameAnalytics SDK and compete for an Oculus Rift

    As we’re always looking for ways to spice things up, we came up with a challenge. Get your GameAnalytics-SDK-integration-skills ready and let’s go! For 72 hours, all new games that will integrate our SDK will enter the competition to win: 1 Oculus Rift or 5 hours of expert analytics consultancy The two lucky winners will […]

  • Introducing Benchmarks for games

    Introducing Benchmarks – How do you stack up?

    Benchmark feature released! Benchmarks allow you to compare your games’ performance to that of all the other games in the GameAnalytics’ network, giving you the context you need to make informed decisions that can improve your game.

  • 700x300

    The New GameAnalytics iOS SDKs Have Landed!

    This post comes bearing news for all you great developers using GameAnalytics: we have released two new iOS SDKs (native and Unity) and their other platforms counterparts are on their way! Why should you be excited about it? This major update brings a lot of new features by introducing in-game economy, dedicated player progression, brand new […]

  • untitled-1

    The GameAnalytics-adjust Integration

    As some of you may have noticed, we have in place a seamless integration with adjust – the business intelligence platform for mobile app marketers. But what does this mean for you? Everyone knows by now that in today’s market making a great game just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, if you’re using adjust to […]