The Game Analytics Playbook at Nordic Game 2014

Not only did we go the Nordic Game Conference, but Allison Bilas presented a “playbook” with detailed instructions and examples on how to analyse the health of a game, what data to be focusing on to get insights and direction, and a framework by which everyone can be involved in the analysis process. Here’s her take on NG14, and a glimpse into her presentation.


How to use GameAnalytics to validate design decisions

We’re proud to announce that GameAnalytics has just been featured on Gamasutra in Amir Fassihi’s article on “Closing the Loop: Validating Design Decisions Using Player Data for a Platformer”. Amir is the team lead of Dead Mage, the studio behind the popular iOS game Shadowblade. Those of you who feared that tools such as GameAnalytics [...]

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2013 in Review

There’s a saying floating around the Internet which goes something like this: “Time does not pass, it continues.” And, boy, at GameAnalytics it certainly felt like the passing of days just exploded into an avalanche of change, good news and snowball effects in 2013.


Video: Brand new Explore tool coming your way

The GameAnalytics tool gets yet another face and functionality lift with an all-new Explore interface which closely matches the look and feel of the customizable Dashboards.


GameAnalytics partners up with Unity

We are proud to announce that GameAnalytics is now an Official Unity Asset Store Partner! This partnership is meant to make the gap between game engine and analytics platform even smaller for Unity developers.


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