Navigating the hazards of game data

Effective data capture is vital to delivering games as a service. The trouble is how do we know what the data means? How can we be sure we are asking the right questions?

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How to use GameAnalytics to validate design decisions

We’re proud to announce that GameAnalytics has just been featured on Gamasutra in Amir Fassihi’s article on “Closing the Loop: Validating Design Decisions Using Player Data for a Platformer”. Amir is the team lead of Dead Mage, the studio behind the popular iOS game Shadowblade. Those of you who feared that tools such as GameAnalytics [...]

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2013 in Review

There’s a saying floating around the Internet which goes something like this: “Time does not pass, it continues.” And, boy, at GameAnalytics it certainly felt like the passing of days just exploded into an avalanche of change, good news and snowball effects in 2013.


Three Things Mobile Game Developers Can Learn From Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is not only a game of addiction, but one which also constantly has a lot of life lessons to teach game developers everywhere. Kelly Clay, Digital Communications Strategist at HasOffers, points out some of the teachings you shouldn’t miss in Candy Crush.

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Becoming a Games Analyst

For the first time on the GameAnalytics blog, Roy Hwang suggest what everyone should read before jumping into games analysis. This post outlines the process of becoming a viable games analyst, while also keeping an eye out for the most valuable resources out there.

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