PvP Could Increase Your Game Revenue by 510%

The key to success and drawing revenue for any game is to be fun to play. Shocking huh? I’m sure you had already figured that out on your own. What you might not be entirely aware of is the importance engagement has over game revenue, and a simple way to improve it. A recent study [...]

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User acquisition and future Grow perspectives – interview with Aaron Le Conte

In this interview, Aaron Le Conte, user acquisition manager in Grow, imparts some awesome wisdom about user acquisition strategies and best practices, and sheds some light on how Grow is doing and where its heading. Grow is GameAnalytic’s data driven user acquisition agency for mobile games. It has existed for half a year – and it’s growing steadily. [...]

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Predictive analytics set to become more valuable in light of rising CPIs

Say you produce and market mobile apps for iPhones. You have 1 million active users in the US. Now what are these users economically worth to you? Let’s do a little thought experiment: Say you were to sell them all at market cost-per-install (CPI) to other mobile developers. In January 2012 that would have yielded [...]

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The Golden Curve: Determining Player Value in Freemium Apps

It is impossible to perfectly know the value of a user before they stop playing the game. You can only estimate it, i.e. make a statement about the probable value of a user. This is where the Golden Curve comes in, and Julian Runge tells you all about it in this article.

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Match 3 Game in Review: Fruits and Friends

Yaniv Nizan reviews Fruits and Friends, an entertaining, iOS-only match three, and gives some pointers on level progression and player engagement.

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Interview: Bo Behrmann Cool on User Acquisition and Grow

GameAnalytics has recently launched Grow: the user acquisition agency for mobile games, driven by experts and data insights. We though the best way to deliver the news and details about it is to have a chat with one of the experts behind this service, Bo Behrmann Cool, user acquisition manager. In this interview, Bo talks about how we handle things at Grow and imparts some awesome wisdom about user acquisition strategies and best practices.

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Drop Limbs: Game Review and Monetization Tips

Yaniv Nizan reviews Drop Limbs and analyses what works and what doesn’t, while giving a few tips on how the game could be improved, in order to increase engagement and revenue.

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Free to Play and Its Key Performance Indicators

David Xicota presents a glossary of the most relevant and common terms in the online games industry. They constitute the background of why it’s important to design games that engage with the players.

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The Game Analytics Playbook at Nordic Game 2014

Not only did we go the Nordic Game Conference, but Allison Bilas presented a “playbook” with detailed instructions and examples on how to analyse the health of a game, what data to be focusing on to get insights and direction, and a framework by which everyone can be involved in the analysis process. Here’s her take on NG14, and a glimpse into her presentation.


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