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GDC Vault 2014 Must Watch

Allison Bilas gives her recommendations on the must watch game analytics related talks from the GDC Vault 2014.

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Visualizing Dynamic Behavior Flow

Using the MMORPG Glitch as a case example, Shawna Baskins, Joseph Riley and Anders Drachen describe the process of developing a method for generating behavioral profiles and visualizing how players over time migrate between these profiles.

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Freemium Economics: Commerce at a Price Point of $0

Eric Seufert on Freemium Economics: Leveraging Analytics and User Segmentation to Drive Revenue, his recently published book that covers topics ignored by many product developers, but which ultimately form the crux of the freemium model.

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The Compulsion Loop Explained

Joseph Kim details the compulsion loop concept, expands it with his own interpretation, and describes the potential future opportunity leveraging this concept.

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Analysing Auctions: The Case of Glitch

Shawna Baskins, Joseph Riley and Anders Drachen analyse Glitch’s in-game economic system, concentrating on the auction house and NPC vendors.

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10 Great Resources on Game Analytics

Anders Drachen has put together another list of great new and older resources about game analytics, monetization, prediction and design, to keep you up to date with what is happening in the field.

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Data is good, but not all data is equally good

Effective data capture is like a sensory system for your game so you can understand the actual behaviour it exhibits rather than what we expect it to do or what focus groups tell us it might do. But can we always trust what the data tells us?

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Mid-Core Success Part 4: Monetization

In the last part of his Mid-Core series, Michail Katkoff talks about why sustained monetization is a result achieved through excellent game design, a balanced game economy, engaging social mechanics and a fresh approach.

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Mid-Core Success Part 3: Social

In part three of his Mid-Core Success series, Michail Katkoff talks about true social mechanics, the kind that add to the gameplay, improve overall player experience and make the game feel more alive.

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Navigating the hazards of game data

Effective data capture is vital to delivering games as a service. The trouble is how do we know what the data means? How can we be sure we are asking the right questions?

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