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Why it’s important to keep your initial players happy

In our last data science report on what makes a game successful we looked at the evolution of key game metrics over 90 days after launch, across 400+ games. (If you haven’t read that already, we definitely think you should before going forward with this one.) One of our findings was that most successful games [...]

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Why habit formation is the key to long term retention

“We are what we repeatedly do”, said Aristotle. In other words, we human beings are shaped by our habits. Each and every one of us has hundreds of habits. Be it heading to the kitchen as soon as we wake up to make some coffee… or logging onto our preferred MMO to tackle our dailies [...]

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GameAnalytics - 16 Reasons Why Players Are Leaving Your Game

16 Reasons Why Players Are Leaving Your Game

Players leave games. According to Marc Robinson’s 2013 GDC talk, “On average, less than 40% of players return to a free-to-play game after just one session.” And as you know, our first duty as professional game designers is to create compelling experiences. We make games for the players to enjoy and play! If they leave [...]

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Squeezing more juice out of your game design!

So you’ve made a great core game. The mechanics are rock solid, the first time user flow feels great and people can understand how to play, but somehow your game doesn’t feel quite right. Since gamers first began interacting with controllers, designers have struggled to make experiences feel better, this adaptation of your games feel is often [...]

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How to Create Immersive Game Intros

Your game’s intro can make or break its retention. Nathan Lovato offers tips on how to get your players through the intro and make sure they stay long enough to get a taste of the best your game has to offer.


What Analysing 400+ Games Has Taught Us

Each year brings with it a set of new fads in gaming, some make it, some falter, but one question is ever present: what makes a game successful? In an attempt to answer this, we looked at the evolution of key game metrics over 90 days after launch, across 415 games released in 2014 and spreading across multiple genres and platforms.

Game Analytics From A Game Designers Perspective

Game Analytics From A Game Designer’s Perspective

As game designers, we tend to perceive our activity as a mix of art and science. After all, game design is deeply linked to psychology, as well as design! The design part is pretty straightforward and well-documented. There is plenty of reading on the topic, starting with Jesse Schell’s famous textbook.   It is different [...]

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The GameAnalytics-adjust Integration

As some of you may have noticed, we have in place a seamless integration with adjust – the business intelligence platform for mobile app marketers. But what does this mean for you? Everyone knows by now that in today’s market making a great game just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, if you’re using adjust to [...]


Games and Analytics: A look through time

The fear of losing the fun of your game when you start implementing analytics is ever present. But taking a look at the classics from which most developers get their inspiration, will reveal seamless ways of integrating game design and analytics. One of the problems when you start looking at data for your game is [...]

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A new approach to marketing mobile games

Mobile gaming is a fiercely competitive, fast changing field. Developers are under constant pressure to make games better. Meanwhile, advertising costs are climbing, as industry leaders like King Digital (maker of ‘Candy Crush’) buy up much of the available ad inventory via Facebook and Twitter. Start-up ‘Seriously’ is taking a more creative marketing approach. Founded [...]


From the Bench share their experience with GameAnalytics and AppsFlyer!

As some of you might have heard, GameAnalytics and AppsFlyer have partnered up, to bring game developers an exceptional analytics and attribution solution. By integrating the two tools, game developers will be able to get the full picture of where their players come from and how the different cohorts convert and monetize. This provides great [...]

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